USDA 30-Yr Fixed-Rate Guaranteed Rural Housing Loans

You can purchase your next home in a designated rural area with no money down with the Guaranteed Rural Housing Loan Program. This unique loan program is offered through the Rural Housing Service, an agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. It is designated to assist low- and moderate-income rural residents by providing better access to affordable housing finance options on properties in eligible areas, and can include little or no out-of-pocket costs. These loans are eligible in a wide range of non-metropolitan statistical areas, including many suburbs. 

  • Available to low- and moderate-income borrowers whose adjusted income is equal to or less than 115% of the area median income
  • Property and income eligibility can be determined by visiting the U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • Owner-occupied primary single family non-farm residences, FHA approved condos, and PUDS
  • New construction is permitted
  • Purchase or rate/term refinance
  • Credit scores as low as 620 (conditions apply)
  • No asset or reserve requirements and gift funds are allowed

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