A Mortgage for Medical Professionals

Designed specifically to reward the hard work and countless hours that degreed medical professionals1 put in to get where they are, AMCFG is proud to offer a mortgage product that can allow qualified applicants to finance as much as 95%2 of the purchase price of a home. 

Some of the key features of this loan program:

  • as little as 5% down2
  • 5/5 adjustable rate mortgages with generous loan amounts3 - up to $2,000,000!
  • NO INCREASE IN RATES for jumbo loan amounts
  • No PMI can save thousands over the life of the loan

1 Qualifying Degrees: MD (Dr. of Medical, Ophthalmology), DDS, DMD (Dr. of Dental Medicine), OD (Dr. of Optometry), DPM (Dr. of Podiatric Medicine), DO (Dr. of Osteopathy),, RPH (Pharmacist), and DVM (Dr. of Veterinary Medicine).

2 Min 720 credit score for 95% LTV, Min 700 credit score for 90% LTV

3 Minimum loan amount is $1 > than current conforming loan limit

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