What Documents are Needed to Apply for an FHA Loan?

Your loan approval depends 100% on the documentation that you provide at the time of application. You will need to give accurate information and documentation, including (but not necessarily limited to):


  • Complete income tax returns for past two years
  • W-2 & 1099 statements for past two years
  • Paycheck stubs for past two months
  • For self-employed: income tax returns and YTD Profit & Loss Statements for past three years
  • For self-employed who own a business: last three years' personal AND BUSINESS income tax returns, business YTD Profit & Loss Statements for the past 3 years


  • Complete bank statements for all accounts for the past 3 months
  • Recent account statements for retirement, 401k, mutual funds, money market, stocks, etc.


  • Recent bills & statements, including account numbers and minimum payments
  • Landlord's name, address, telephone number, or copies of the last 12 months of cancelled rent checks
  • Recent utility bills to supplement thin credit
  • Bankruptcy & Discharge Papers, if applicable
  • If applicant co-signed one someone else's mortgage, car loan, or credit card, 12 months of cancelled checks drawn on an account of the other person, to document that applicant is not the one making the payments for that co-signed account


  • Driver's License
  • Social Security Card
  • Any Divorce, Palimony/Alimony, and/or Child Support papers
  • Green Card or Work Permit, if applicable
  • Any homeownership papers

Refinancing or Own Rental Property

  • Note from any current loan (for each property)
  • Property tax bill (for each property)
  • Hazard/Homeowners insurance policy (for each property)
  • A payment coupon for current mortgage (for each property)
  • Rental Agreements for a Multi-Unit Property (for each property)


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